Precision IoT Smart Switch Spec sheet

Precision IoT - Smart Light Controller Spec Sheet

Preicsion IoT - Smart Gateway Spec Sheet

InnaITKey - Brochure

InnaITKey - Spec Sheet

Precision's PIVOT Framework for IoT

Precision PB ABAS100 Series

Precision Biometric PB200FP Thermal Printer with FP scanner

Precision’s InnaIT Framework – Enabling biometric authentication at all layers

Precision Corporate Brochure

PB ABAS 100 Series: STQC certified device for Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System

Precision Bio-Slate PB-210Se – A state-of-the art secure biometric tablet

Precision’s eKYC Solution: Onboard your customers without ‘paperwork’

Precision’s 2FA Solution: Biometric Two-Factor Authentication - Eliminate risks associated with password compromise. Prevent Impersonation.

Precision’s BioNIX A biometric-based server access management solution

Precision’s PB510 Fingerprint Scanner (STQC Certified): Designed for Aadhaar based authentication applications and other enterprise biometric authentication use cases

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